A group of original scientists and engineers from HP/Agilent and Thermo Finnigan that have been working there for more than two decades of helping HP/Agilent designed, built, tested and supported the most reliable Mass Spectrometers ever sold in the history. Now, to honor our customers who like the traditional HP ways, we are committed to find ways to add value to the old and the current GC-MSD.

Please find time to talk to us about HIGH PERFORMANCE  HYBERBOLIC METAL QUAD ANALYZER to give your current MSD to next performance level that ever exit in the history.

Our philosophy is talk less, do more and keep our promises.

As you know these days, it’s hard to find people you can trust, and people have the knowledge. If Cal-Tech cannot help with your current problems, there is no other group on the planet that can help. So, Cal-Tech Scientific, Inc., is here to support all of you!

 We are the only corporate that support most of big vendors and service contact corp. in the United States and internationally with "ALL" the old and the current HP/Agilent GC-MSDs. and the only one could calibrated, update and restored the circuitry to original spec.

Many times our vendors said to us, " We wouldn’t know what to do without Cal-Tech."

Cal-Tech is not just providing services, we are developing many new products that help to improve and added value the old and the current GC-MSDs. We find ways to improve the HP 5971-5972-5973-5975 better than any MSD ever made in history.

There are countless "thanks" to the presence of Cal-Tech Scientific, Inc. for helping individual, small, and big corporate laboratories.

Thank You,

Henry Bui        President